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    What’s the best way to start learning Russian?
    The alphabet? Numbers? Then Verbs?

    Any guidance would be welcome.


    Hello! Best way – simple words, talking practice with russian speaker. Alphabet is to hard for start, better learn more usefull letters first.


    @antgl, in your opinion what’s are the useful letters?


    in my mind, the best way for up the level in foreign languages is to speak to native speakers + watching movies and cartoons


    @Ele I mean vowels – it most usefull letters (its 6 only), then consonants
    2) voiced and unvoiced letters
    3) stress and intonation
    Then pronouns
    My mother teaching Russian language in China in university. Its how she start her first lesson for students.
    Russian some hard when learn it with books. I was in China last summer, her students talk
    You can try this http://www.ph4s.ru/books/guman/rus/Russkiy_s_azov.rar
    Its “Rusian from scratch”, on EN. Book in DJVU, need WinDjView reader

    If you need help – I can help, have free time 🙂


    You can think about a language trip to Russia. Of course, online learning is a good way too, but only after you get to Russia you may experience the full immersion. Felix said talking to natives is very important: https://enjoyrussian.com/felix-about-russia-2/


    Hello my name is Daniel and i from russia. My language it is one of the most difficult language in the world. If you are want to learn this language you are must be ready to difficulties. I think the best way to start my language it is go live in my country because if you are want to survive we learn to anyway. If you are have people who live or lived in russia you are can talk with them. But i I do not advise live in russia. Sorry for my english.


    Very interesting post.


    This method is really helpful the backrooms.

    Mariah Carey

    Begin with simple and commonly used words and phrases. Learn greetings, introductions, basic expressions, and everyday vocabulary. This will provide a foundation for your conversations in Russian.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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