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    I’ve studied the grammar, listen to conversations and readings, I practice speaking even if it’s still very basic but I don’t seem to be getting anyway. I feel like i’ve hit a wall.
    I seem to spend my time constructing the sentences in my head and therefore cannot allow my mind to be free to absorb the information.
    Has this happen to you? What can you recommend?


    I’d say, for the time being, dont bother with speaking correctly French.
    Do mistakes if you have to but speak, communicate as much as you can!
    What helped me the most was to first of all, learn all of the words which are connecting sentences.
    “and”, “therefore”, “that’s why”, “because”, “when/where…”.

    your sentences wont be glorious but you’ll speak and build a mental mind about how to build a structured speech.
    Once done, you’ll just learn over your studies how to fill the blanks 🙂

    (I’m far from being a linguist and just advise based on my personal experiences, it might differ from one person to another).


    That’s great advise, thanks for that. Will definitely try that out 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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