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    can anybody help me and tell when to use the preposition in and when to use at it really confuses me a lot
    many thanks in advance .


    Used to point out specific time:

    I will meet you at 12 p.m.
    The bus will stop here at 5:45 p.m.

    Used to indicate a place:

    There is a party at the club house.
    There were hundreds of people at the park.
    We saw a baseball game at the stadium.

    Used to indicate an email address:

    Please email me at abc@defg.com.

    Used to indicate an activity:

    He laughed at my acting.
    I am good at drawing a portrait.
    Used for unspecific times during a day, month, season, year:

    She always reads newspapers in the morning.
    In the summer, we have a rainy season for three weeks.
    The new semester will start in March.

    Used to indicate a location or place:

    She looked me directly in the eyes.
    I am currently staying in a hotel.
    My hometown is Los Angeles, which is in California.

    Used to indicate a shape, color, or size:

    This painting is mostly in blue.
    The students stood in a circle.
    This jacket comes in four different sizes.

    Used to express while doing something:

    In preparing for the final report, we revised the tone three times.
    A catch phrase needs to be impressive in marketing a product.

    Used to indicate a belief, opinion, interest, or feeling:

    I believe in the next life.
    We are not interested in gambling.


    i appreciate your concern , thanks a million Mooni

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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