Welcome to the New Easy Language Exchange Site!

Welcome to the New Easy Language Exchange Site!

Hello There Everyone,

We’re excited to welcome you to the newest version of the Easy Language Exchange site.

Knowing that you depend on us, we’ve listened to all your feedback and comments and rebuilt the site to make it easier for you to use.

As part of our commitment to keep the site easily accessible we kept all the popular features and created a more easy to navigate site with additional functions as requested by you all.

Check out the new features:

Improved Search Function

With over 100,000 members find the perfect language friend using our new and improved search function or by simply typing in the user name. You will immediately have a list of suitable native speakers who match your profile.

Learner Language Levels

To provide a better understanding of all user’s, so now you’ll now be able to view the language level of each and every member. This allows you to team up with someone who is the same level as you.

Working Together Section

Need help with grammar? Need help translating? Or are you stuck on your homework? Work together and get your questions answered here by the language community. There will always be someone at hand to guide and help you with any language related issues.

A dedicated Language Blog

We’ve had several members requesting tips and techniques to improve their language skills. When you’re lacking a little motivation or just looking for new ways of learning or even teaching, our blog is full of useful advice and suggestions. We’re answered your personal question here. These methods and techniques have been tested by you.

Facebook login

Making it easier to you to login everyday, we’ve added the facebook button. Therefore, you’ll be able to connect with your computer, mobile and ipad wherever, whenever!

Improvements to your personal profile page

We have made some exciting changes to your profile page. Login and update your details, upload your current photo, add your current target-language level and much more. Tell the world what you’ve been up too.


We promised you our long term commitment to learn and continue developing the language community, so we invite you to give us your feedback to continue improving your ELE site.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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  • Safin

    Study english

  • It’s looking good. Really improved compared to the previous version.
    Just a small thought for a feature you could add for a next major update. You could add “Language skill rating done by friends/users” and “Inter-user reliability of skill rating done by friends/users”. My intention for this feature would be to have a more reliable way to know someone’s real level of skill, but also to know how other people view my level of skill. A skill x time graph to show to progress might be nice too.

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